Monday, October 22, 2007

An Enigma called GOD

Does god exist? If yes, who/what is he or (for political correctness) she? More importantly, why do we have to worship him? If god is in control, then what are we here for? Are we merely pawns in the hand of some puppet-master controlling the universe?

These are questions whose answers no person has been able to give me. People will state several instances of miracles performed, events which cannot be explained, and even the creation of the universe itself to prove the existence of god. These, I cannot personally accept or deny. There have been great men and women in history whom people have "idolized" (read Ram, Jesus and the like). I have nothing against these people for if the tales told about them are for real then they truly are great beings, whether human or ethereal is not for me to decide.

If we accept for a moment that god actually exists, the point still remains why do we worship the idols or pray to him in whatever manner the different religions choose to? If god is truly omnipresent and is in control of the situation everywhere, how would your prayer affect what many "learned" men say is pre-ordained? Why would god grant you that project if you are a businessman? Why would god give you more marks if you are in school? Why would god grant you whatever you have asked from him? The answer is he won't. You have to go out there and do it yourself. To those who say they gain a mental satisfaction, calmness and a sense of security from it, I say please continue. For others who seek returns, I think you are wasting your time and often your money as well.

Is god so conceited that you have to pray to him to get rewards for things which you do not deserve? And if you actually get those rewards, then that practically proves god is corrupt as well. Such a being is hardly someone who should be worshipped. I do not hold this opinion for I do not believe that god exists but am forced to infer the above on seeing the extravagant prayer ceremonies and rituals that are performed around me. Why do you require a priest to perform rituals? If you are so devout, won't your god listen to you? What are all the complicated ceremonies and verses for (referring purely to Hinduism)? Can't your god understand simple thoughts? It is baffling to see such large sections of society actually following these rituals. Hasn't it ever occurred to you that what is the point doing all this?

This blog is not so much about the existence of god as it is about all the lunacy associated with his worship. I sincerely hope, for the sake of millions of devotees that he exists, otherwise all their efforts will be in vain. As for me, I'll continue to rack my brains trying to figure out what exactly these people are trying to achieve.