Tuesday, March 24, 2009

21 and Single

“Why are you so restless these days?” asked a friend recently. How can you be calm and composed when there are a few shitty metal bands performing in front of you? (It was our college fest.) Anyway, the reason why this comment was made was because I was loitering around in the ground aimlessly, and might I add, alone.

To be honest, I had not realized it till I was told about it. And then I read somewhere how pitiful it was to be “21 and single”. It was then that I realised the cause of my restlessness, at least I think it was the reason. There were some couples around on the given day and there was no dearth of PDA (Public Display of Affection). I have nothing against PDA personally but it sort of drives home the fact that you are ‘you know what’ when it is done right on your face.

What is it actually like to be “21 and single”? Let’s analyze.


•The same friend mentioned above had earlier said, “It’s cool to be single. Then, you can roam about with anyone you want without any eyebrows being raised.”
•You are a free bird. Do what you want as there are neither restrictions nor bodyguards (usually for girls).
•You can flirt with anyone you want.
•There's no such thing as an argument. After all you need someone to argue with.
•You can freely expand your social circle.
•You save tons of money which you would have spent on stuff like gifts(flowers, jewellery and the like), dinners etc.


•When you see other couples getting all mushy, you go “Why? Why? Why can’t I get hold of that love potion they show in cartoons?”
•When you happen to meet some beautiful person who happens to not be available, you're faced with morally repugnant possibilities and are in a state of confusion.
•It gets kind of lonely at times. But then, don’t forget you are in a crowd.
•You have to hunt for dates for parties and special occasions.
•You wonder why no one gives you any gifts. “I want a teddy bear.”
•You tend to lose self-confidence. You end up thinking you are useless, boring and millions of other negative things.
•When the teacher teaches about 'Single Couple' mechanism in Seismology, you go like, “What the f**k is that supposed to mean?

And finally, it is that classic joke to console yourself.

Pessimist: Teen saal college ke baad maine ek bhi ladki nahi patayi.

Optimist: Teen saal college ke baad mujhe ek bhi ladki nahi pata payi. 