Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Tea Conundrum

I have never had tea in my life (or for that matter, coffee too). In the last few weeks, I have had two experiences when things could have become embarrassing. On Friendship Day, nine of my friends tried to force me to have a sip of Espresso. I did not relent. On another occasion, when six of us had visited an alumnus, he offered us tea. I forced DD to have my cup.

How much is this fact going to cost me in the future? Taking into account the dearth of any kind of romantic relationship in my life, my parents are sure to ask me to go and “see a girl” at some point in the future. What am I supposed to answer to my future mother-in-law when she offers me tea? “Nahi, dhanyawaad. Main Chai nahi peeta. Doodh chalega!” How silly would that sound? She’ll never agree to let her daughter marry me.

I haven’t really understood why I don’t drink tea or coffee. The most plausible reason I can think of is that I must have burnt my fingers touching a hot kettle of tea when I was a kid. Genetically speaking, I should have bucket-fulls of tea everyday because that is what my mother has. On the contrary, I have never had a sip and I intend to keep it that way for a while.


Sukhi said...

Well, I think your mother-in-law would be happy that her would be son-in law is free from any "bad habits".

As a suggestion, do try it out once. Its not at all bad in taste or for health. But then, many in bengal dont drink tea. So a bengali mother-in-law is where ur search should be directed...

Saffrondude said...

Dude I can vouch for the fact that a Bengali's evening is incomplete without a cup of tea..

And Sid, try it, I feel odd myself if I don't have a cup of tea every 12 hours or so...

Devdeep said...

I do not see anything wrong in not having tea as long as you do not force it on me every time I sit nest to you.

I also do not see why the girl will not be happy to serve you milk if manage to create an impression on her in other respects.

Smart Primate said...

@ Sukhi
I dont mind a Bengali mother-in-law but I agree with saffrondude, that in reality, the situation is exactly opposite.

@ Saffrondude
Why? I don't feel odd if I don't have tea.

@ DD
I do not like milk either. And history shows it is unlikely that I shall be able to create an impression on her in any respect.

ARB said...

are even i dont have tea...whats the big deal???

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog. My comment is more than a year late, but as they say, better late than never.

Maybe you were a Mormon in your other life and it carried on to your life now. That's why you don't like tea or coffee. Mormons also don't drink soda pop. I hope that did not carry too.

Caesar Augustus