Sunday, June 29, 2008

Notting Hill

NOTTING HILL has taken over my life. I have watched the movie an unprecedented 13 times, YES 13 TIMES, in the last 5 days, and if I am not careful, it can easily become 14 within the next 2 hours. Quoting Saffrondude: ”This is ‘madness’ unlike anything I have seen or heard before.” You are probably thinking I need to see a psychiatrist. Maybe.

Let me take you through my state of mind in the last five days.

June 24, 2008 A.D. Notting Hill Viewings:1

About 22:00 hours:
Just had my dinner. Opened my laptop and thought let’s watch a movie. Which movie should I watch now?
Shawshank Redemption? Naa, have watched it once this summer already.
How about The Illusionist? Don’t feel like.
Taare Zameen Par? Naa.
Exorcist? No Way.
NOTTING HILL? Ahhh…haven’t watched this for a while. (BIG MISTAKE!)

June 25, 2008 A.D. Notting Hill Viewings:2

11:00 hours: Had a bath. What do I do now? Let’s watch Notting Hill again.
23:00 hours: No one is online. What do I do? Let’s watch Notting Hill again.

June 26, 2008 A.D. Notting Hill Viewings:2

<-DITTO as previous day ->

June 27, 2008 A.D. Notting Hill Viewings:2

11:00 hours: Had a bath. What do I do now? Let’s watch Notting Hill again.

17:00 hours: Need a LAN wire for hostel as old one is lost. Went to Chandni Chowk. Got lost. Finally found my way out of the maze of shops 1.5 hours later with thankfully a 5 metre long LAN wire.

20:00 hours: Had Dinner.

20:10 hours: It is Notting Hill time.

June 28, 2008 A.D. Notting Hill Viewings:4…WHOA!

There is nothing more to say.

June 29, 2008 A.D. Notting Hill Viewings:2

09:00 hours: Yippeeeeee! Watched a movie that is not Notting Hill. Watched ‘Serial Mom’.
12:00 hours:
Sane me:” Common, think of something to do. There is more to life than a movie.”
Insane me: “And what a movie it is. I think I shall watch it again.”
Sane me: “No, you are not. You have had enough of this. Get a grip.”
Insane me: “Are you insane?”

Both fight and ohhh … Insane me wins… Notting Hill, here I come.

18:00 hours: Cousin has come. He wants to watch a movie. Oh no! Not again.

Well, that pretty much sums up what I have gone through in the last five days. Saffrondude, on hearing this, commented that I am in love!!!It is such a romantic movie, he says.Pretty heavy, coming from a guy who could not imagine me with a girlfriend 6 months ago (see older post on LOVE).

NOTTING HILL. It is a lovely movie. I can almost act it out now.
Well, I better go now. Don’t worry, I won’t watch Notting Hill now. EURO CUP finals is about to start. Ohhh… Notting Hill…..

P.S.1) Any help from anyone who claims to dig me out of this hole is welcome

P.S.2) Dear Reader, if you read this and do not comment, I shall pelt you with olives.

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ad libber said...

Hey you are back :)
Though you seem slightly more obsessed now :|
and yes, I am afraid you are in love. :D
so, yay