Friday, July 09, 2010

Going back to an empty place

Hello, I'm back. I have been away from the blog scene for several months now. And the accusation from certain quarters is that I used to write just to fulfill my ulterior motives of getting the object of my desire, and since now that has been fulfilled, I don't write anymore!!! WTF?

Anyway, I'm all set to return to another year of college. “Finally in final year”, after many many years. One of the professional hazards of being in a five-year course. I expect this year to be lonely and boring, with only a handful (but really close) friends. Add to that prospective placement opportunities and it just gets a little bit more scary.

The absence of some of the people I have lived with and enjoyed so much of the last four years will leave a huge void, but it got me thinking. The only thing that is 'permanent' is 'change'. Quite a cliched paradox, but very much true nevertheless. People will come into our lives, do wonderful things, enlighten us, spend some of the most memorable moments and then go away, never to meet again. Lord Alfred Tennyson said it with respect to a brook, but it is equally true for us humans.

Men may come and men may go, but I go on forever” (till I die of course).

Of course, the advent of technology (read Twitter and Facebook and Orkut) means I will still know that person A had 'Barbeque Chicken' today and that he's now in a relationship with B and that B had gone shopping today and that 67 people like this fact. But, who really cares about what 'A' ate and what 'B' bought, especially when you are miles apart. Evidently, the only interesting thing that you get to know through these networking sites is who is now “in a relationship” with whom and who just broke up and is single again and is possibly on the lookout for a prospective mate. But, I am digressing from the point here.

The point is that nothing you do will make those times come back (unless you invent a time machine). And you just have to learn to move on and make new friends and acquaintances. I'm not saying you forget people. By all means keep in touch. But it is no longer possible to barge into their room at any time or nick some food from their cupboard or just sit around gossiping all day long; because they are gone.
Ohhh! I miss everyone so much.


Devdeep said...

Hi, its great to have you back with such a heartfelt post. But then life is like that. Hopefully, we all get to have such great times all throughout our life.

P.S. Whoever had come up with that accusation you described, must have taken it back now that you are back.

sumitnvrsaydie said...

Aaahhh touching as usual. The times may never come back but I still hope we share more of such memorable moments as we move on... The only difference being both of us would have someone by our side ( I doubt Ill have nyone though ) n the cash coming out of the pockets would be ours :P
miss u too sid.. tc n keep working hard.. ur tym is coming quick and fast :)
all d best