Friday, September 19, 2008

Chronicles of the Library...

"... and the most happening place in the campus is - THE LIBRARY."
Well, it is true at this point of time at least. Everyone seems to be flocking there. So I too joined the crowd. I have been unaccustomed to the library environment for a few months now, so it took me some time to adjust. Yesterday, I actually spent five hours studying four pages there. Hence, I had decided that no matter what I would study like a 'dog' today. But, my mind had other ideas. Here is what happened in the one hour I actually sat there. (Imagine a conversation between ME and Me, like you know, when you talk to yourself, silently.)

ME: Shit! Everyone is studying like a dog!
Study! Study! Study!

'Seismic Data Acquisition is one stage of a multi-stage process known as
Seismic Surveying. Other stages include...'

(Ten Minutes later)

ME: There is too much noise here. Where is it coming from? (I look around.)
How the hell is the tube-light making noise? Isn't it supposed to give light
instead? Someone switch it off.

Me: Time to unleash the earphones. Block out the noise with some melody.

Song: "अरे यारों दोस्ती बड़ी ही हसीं है..."

ME: Yeah. Good Song.

'Modern Data Acquisition is basically Imaging of the Earth and consists of
following steps...'

(Fifteen minutes down the line)

ME: Why do those two always sit together?

Me: Because they are a couple dumbo. You know, like love and stuff.

ME: Ohhh! But they aren't studying at all. Why sit in the library then? Taking up
precious seats.

Me: Who cares? You got one, didn't you?

ME: Yeah.

Song Changes:"वोह पहली बार जब हम मिले,
हाथों में हाथ जब हम चले..."

(And my mind starts wandering towards 'other' things.)

Me: Hello! Come back to Earth!
Concentrate! Concentrate! Change the song.

ME: Okay.

Song: On Sacred Ground (by Yanni)

Me: That is more like it. Now study.

'Single impulsive point sources cannot efficiently produce enough seismic
energy needed to image deeper targets well... ' (Studied for 15 minutes)

ME: This place is so crowded. All because of the country's population.

(And then, for some strange reason, I remembered a Biology period in Class X.
Sir was teaching about sex, contraceptives and stuff.)

SIR: "One of the reasons for the population explosion in rural areas is the fact
that in really remote places, people do not have access to any other source
of entertainment."

ME: Hmmm. We need a multiplex in Dhanbad. Pronto!

Me: Cut the crap! Study!

(Power Cut)

ME: Yessss!

(Power returns)

ME: Shit!

Me: Let's go back. You are wasting your time here.

ME: I agree.

(And back I came and wrote this piece of nonsense. I have exams from Monday!)


Wierdo said...

its a true picture of the week before exams..
we hardly study and all this crap stuff distracts us further......

??? said...

ha ha ha.....yeah....happens with me all the time....

Beena said...

how often do yu plan to go to libraries /)

Smart Primate said...

you will find me there a week before the exams... never at other times